About me

Like in the introduction, my comics are mostly funny (or attempts at such) representations of my daily life, about actually funny events and also about my sadness, love and things between.

One might think it's because I belittle my own feelings that I choose to represent them in humorous manner, but it isn't so. One might ask, isn't it kind of nullifying, a bore and easy to make fun of even truly painful things? Au contraire. I have a firm belief my feelings are special. Like everybody elses! And I think that having a punchline is not the crystallization of the entire representation, for there are panels between. I like contrasts and extremes, and while I usually end up representing them, the making of (at it's best) is an exploration of in-between. 

Why Myyttinen eläin (=mythical beast)? When I started the blog, it felt appropriate since I'd been going on/off with journal comics, sometimes putting up a single comic somewhere, and then running off to different place to put up a comic blog elsewhere. Random appearances of a being who carried some silly stories within, scattering them across the country. 

Nowadays the name has a different meaning to me, because I figured out something about myself while I was in a difficult and dark slump for a period of time. I found somebody grinning behind my drawings. I peeked behind a curtain, beyond which it would've been dangerous to cross, but in the dark I found a smile full of teeth. I thought: isn't it curious, that people who smile and let their smile turn into laughter, also reveal their teeth? 

Laughter is contagious, and helps people lift their burdens a bit. Even without any sort of burden I'd find myself laughing with others, or by myself and without noticing letting some thoughts just slip away. 

I like to think that laughter is the cure.

(As disclaimer, I won't guarantee all forementioned effects from the contents of my blog.)

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